Greater Action Art Exhibition

Colours of Hope

In 2021, I teamed up with Greater Action (a non-profit social organisation dedicated to improving the lives of marginalised refugee communities in and around Kuala Lumpur) to curate and art direct an exhibition titled ‘COLOURS OF HOPE’ for refugee artists in Kuala Lumpur, to showcase their artistic talents and skills. 

Art to me is a form of expression that truly portrays the deeper layers of a person’s soul. The magnification of human emotions power the unique visuals created by the artist. Seeing how talented and creative minded these young artists are instantly inspired me to try my best to help them achieve more out of their artistic skills. 

It warms my heart to say that the exhibition showcase was a huge success and we raised RM 17,290 (£3027.86) in total, with 100% of the profits given back to each of the young artists according to how many pieces they sold during the exhibition. The money raised has been vital in helping the artists and their families with purchasing food and basic necessities that they need to survive in these chaotic and uncertain times. 

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